Math Tricks Workout

Math Tricks Workout is an android app, that is developed to improve our mental calculation skills using a series of arithmetic workouts. We at believe what Gym is to our body, maths is to our brain. Just like how we get physically rusty without exercise, our mental ability becomes obtuse if we do not train our brains.

The Math Tricks Workout app is developed not just to give you a mental workout but continuous learning using interaction and practice as one of the key drivers behind its development. Our app aims at what we consider the 4 integral facets to a good grip on your calculation skills: Tricks, Practice, Speed, and Accuracy. Inspired from an ancient Indian repository of Mathematical techniques called Vedic Mathematics, our app embodies those brilliant yet simple techniques with an effortless user interface.

Why Math Tricks Workout?

It has been a proven fact that fun learning automatically leads to positive, progressive and iterative learning. With that observation, we created a task based fun gaming interface (or – What better way to do that, than to fit that learning in a simple timed game). Thus ensuring that one learns with pleasure for what we learn with pleasure, we never forget. Thus prioritising fun, we saw that learning always followed.

Combine that urge to learn with an incredible repository of mind boggling yet simple tricks, one finds oneself improving his calculations speeds within no time. So what our app equips you with, is a brilliant mastery over the basic middlemen of any calculation – addition / subtraction / multiplication / division / squares etc. And we are not talking 12 x 15. We are talking about you answering 235 x 214 without a calculator within a few seconds with confidence. We hope you have a great time playing with it as we did creating it.

Who can use the app?

  • Students who want to get faster in calculations.
  • Students preparing for competitive examinations like CAT, MAT, GMAT etc
  • Anyone who is scared of math must try this app. They will gradually start having fun with math.
  • Anyone interested in exercising their brain.
  • Anyone who is interested in mathematics should take this course.

How to use the app?

Each math workout for the respective category (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication etc) is organised into lock based tasks ranging from basic to advanced. You will have to clear the currently unlocked tasks to unlock the next tasks. The tasks are distributed and placed under headers. Clicking on the info icon in the header will open up a wizard that contains either instructions or tricks about the tasks under it. We recommend you to follow the information given in the wizard while taking the tests.

In the next versions we will be adding more and more Vedic math and fast math tricks that will be helpful in building your math speed and hence your mental math skills.

Download now and get started. All the best 🙂


What users say?

Simple with suprising learning progression

I loved the way the progression is designed. Its way too addictive once we realize we are improving at it. Looking forward to further improvements. Would love to keep track. I guess what stands out is the simplicity and i hope the team maintains the same design flow. Thumbs up!

Intuitive and helpful.

Easily the best and fastest way to get good at math, at the same time having fun with it.

Brilliant app

With a logical design and neatly organised workouts, it’s an ideal app to improve your mental arithmetic

Brilliant UI and features

I see this app is better than others in the same domain w.r.t usability and the features ..UI is very intuitive with easy navigation. The timed exercises boosts the confidence in the users to perform much better every time and advance. All in all a thumbs up

Excellent Very good app

If we did calculation in time which they have given then we can easily do calculations in any exam especially in compitative eams

Perfect app

You cannot get good at math without practice and this app is an amazing tool that helps you in honing your math skills through its workouts that have been neatly organised from basic to advanced. I would highly recommend it.

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